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About Us

Welcome to Legend Myanmar Technology

L egend Myanmar Technology is solving ICT problems and providing technical services for your business in Myanmar. You can meet us for all your IT Problem.

Founded in 2012, LMT provides IT solution and service for the corporate office, organization, NGO, NPO government and SME in Myanmar. we involve in the designing and developing for IT security, enterprise network, software, web sites, databases, and information systems. we have an energetic team of experts and professionals who can research, enhance and make the application look and perform the best. We have developed projects that are economical and qualitative.

Meet Our Team

Olivia Marica

Sai Tin Min Lu

Chief Executive Officer
Olivia Marica

Hein Soe

Chief Technology Officer
Dan Petrovsky

Ye Wint Zaw

Cheif Information Officer
Mike Delphino

Thet Tun Lin

Chief Financial Officer

About Legend Myanmar Technology

To be a global leader delivering enterprise business management products and solutions. To focus on providing solutions that enable our customers to reduce time and complexity in managing the work.
T o deliver the best and most cost-effective solutions to our clients. To Create Software's that transform ideas into reality. Industry leadership through Customer enthusiasm.
S oftware Solution & Services, IT Infrastructure Solution & Services, Web Development Service & Hosting, Profession Services & IT Consultancy, Management Consultancy.
Passion for quality, dedication to innovation, commitment to employees.

Our Skills

Web Development
Network Solution
Wireless Solution
CCTV and Access Control and Access Control